Since mid 1992, when LUXOR was established, its activities have been geared towards the production of feature films and TV series, documentaries, commercials and music videos.
The company has produced a range of film projects and TV series, many of them recipients of Czech or international awards. The TV series produced by LUXOR have been very well received by audiences. As for the advertising agencies, since the launch of its activities LUXOR has acquired a very good reputation with them, thanks to its reliability and long-term cooperation with the leading representatives of all film professions.
LUXOR is one of the founding members of the Audiovisual Producers´ Association and its headquarters is located in Prague, in the Barrandov studios.

LUXOR´s Associates

Mgr. Přemysl Pražský
studied production at Prague´s Film Academy (FAMU). After graduation he began working in the field of production, becoming first the deputy head of production and head of shooting at Barrandov, subsequently getting promoted to head of production. So far he has been involved in the production of 35 feature films. The best-known ones are as follows: Jáchyme, hoď ho do stroje (dir. by O. Lipský), Malá mořská víla (dir. by Karel Kachyňa), Prokletí domu Hajnů (dir. by Jiří Svoboda), Pražská pětka (dir. by Tomáš Vorel), Arabela I. + II. (dir. by Václav Vorlíček), Láska z pasáže, Kamarád do deště and Divoká srdce (dir. by Jaroslav Soukup), Kafka (dir. by S. Soderbergh, USA). He is the company´s legal executive.

Mgr. Antonín Vomáčka
studied production at Prague´s Film Academy (FAMU). He has been involved in the production of the feature film Král Ubu (dir. by F.A.Brabec). He has supervised the production of a range of commercials and music videos. Recently he has been responsible for LUXOR´s production of documentaries and directing of music videos.

What is the current focus of LUXOR´s activities?

Apart from our traditional activities we are going to focus in particular on the following areas:

A) executive production of Czech films and TV series

B) production of feature films and series

C) film documentaries

D) production of commercials and music videos

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